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Purrfect Additions

Purrfect Additions, Inc. is a 501c3 domestic nonprofit corporation. Purrfect Additions, Inc. was created in the hopes we can find homes for all of our feline friends, and promote spay and neuter programs everywhere. Our rescue is specifically designed to work with special needs cats with behavioral problems and/or health issues. The director has years of experience working in shelters and a veterinary clinic.  She has had many cats with health or behavioral challenges in her home long-term to work out behavioral problems, obtaining correct medications, and finding a family that is able to support their specific needs. With her passion for cats and those cats who are deemed too young, ill, injured, or old, she has discovered her passion and it has become contagious to her many fosters, volunteers, supporters, and community. We are working towards to having a feline sanctuary and adoption facility for our long-term cats. We would like to show the world that a cat’s impurrfection is, in fact, their purrfection.

Home: Who We Are

Deanna Knoth

Purrfect Additions' Director

My love for “difficult” kitties began when I was young and would socialize family members' barn cats (with supervision, of course). Throughout the years I have acquired a significant amount of experience by working at shelters, veterinarians’ offices, and rescues. 


Because of these experiences, I have learned many useful tools in correcting undesirable behaviors in cats. I have also learned that it takes the purrfect home for these special cats to be adopted by their furrever families.


I have personally housed and fostered many felines with health or behavioral issues. In the process, I discovered a passion for helping these often hard-to-work-with animals and watched them blossom into adoptable kitties.


That passion grew into Purrfect Additions, which has been a dream of mine for a long time. The rescue's goal is to work with unadoptable cats from shelters, either due to health or behavior problems. The ultimate goal is to keep cats in their current homes and work through any issues the current owner may be having.

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