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The Adoption Process

  • Fill out application (make sure you read and fill out appropriately because mistakes can cause your application to be immediately denied).

  • Reach out to personal references, veterinarians, and landlord (if applicable) and let them know we will be contacting them.

  • Please allow us several days to check out your application. We are completely volunteer based and working around everyone's different schedules. 

  • A representative will call you to go over the process and set up a home visit.

  • We do a home visit, which consist of us bringing your kitty to you and ensuring we are putting them in a good environment.

  • As long as everything goes well at the home visit, your kitty will stay and paperwork will be signed at this time.e



  •  With some special needs and adult cats, we will allow a foster to adopt situation to make sure it is a proper fit (we do not allow this for kittens)..

  • Our cats are all in different foster homes and the best way to meet them is at our events with a pre-approved application.

  • They cannot go home from events unless we have a pre-approved application and have completed a home visit prior to the event.

  • We are always looking for fosters, we supply everything, you need to give them love, get them to vet appts, monitor and health, and events (lots of pictures and a biographies).

Additional Information

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